AAEIU®, where did it begin?


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#the9kids Vol. 1

Since the year 2000 AAEIU® has always endeavored to find new ways to implement art & culture into clothing that coincides with cultural diversity. Brainstorm after brainstorm. Mockup after mockup. Hours upon hours and many sleepeless nights we are finally able to bring our brand, AAEIU®, into the world.

We have the aide of many influences and inspirations just by walking outside the front door. It is such a culturally diverse planet we all share so we decided to use that influence and inspiration to come up with our brand name, anythingandeverythingisu.

#the9kids™ simply helped us achieve the diversity side of the brand by the use of 9 different kids from all over the world and we made them a brand collection within our line sheets.

In using the #the9kids™ we are able to set ourselves apart from all other brands advertising to be “the brand about you”. We are truly about “U”.

Each volume of characters will only feature (9) nine kids at one given time. The characters are approximately the age of 16 and are from different continents or of the same ethnic group dispalyed by their country’s flag. They may even be brothers and sisters. The best of all, you will never see the same character twice. In doing this we want to help the youth and adults identify with all the races that make up humanity and cultures.

Fast foward years later the family-freindly characters have now taken on a life of their own. They are digitally drawn in medallions with bright colors, unique characteristics, and are one of a kind.

In summary,  The #the9kids™ are The Future In Clothing.

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